Middle Ridge, Wisconsin
The Ridge History Park
The Ridge History Park

Welcome to The Ridge History Park!

The Ridge History Park began in 1999 with the retrieval and restoration of the “Little School” from Washington District #1 in Middle Ridge, Wisconsin. The door hinges creak, and the wooden floors still groan as a visitor enters the door of this charming, authentic nineteenth century schoolhouse. This public school is one of only two in the state of Wisconsin run by Catholic nuns. The “little school” is a treasured reminder of the days when close to 200,000 one-room schools peppered the landscape of rural America.

The next addition to the park was the newly built Visitor’s Center. This facility provides modern bathrooms, a kitchen, offices and enough space to feed and entertain about 75 park patrons. This building is the center point of our Ridge-fest, and many educational and historic events we hold throughout the year. The Visitor’s Center is also available to the public for personal events. For a suggested donation, the space would be perfect for a party, or a club meeting.

The Middle Ridge Gas Station is our latest project. It is very exciting to be able to save this historic structure from the wrecking ball of highway expansion. Though it had not been in use for more than 40 years, it was a thriving business opened by Herb Burbach in 1929 and later run by Cletus Cavadini, among others, until the mid 70’s when it was closed for good. It was moved to the new site in 2013 and placed near the school. Its restoration is in progress today. Two old gas pumps have been donated and erected, and plans to attach a replica of the original grease room, and finish the interiors are being formed. Imagine yourself stepping into this friendly little station on a busy afternoon at Middle Ridge, in about 1945. Back then there was full service with a smile. Friends might have gathered for conversation and a cold refreshment while they waited. This little gem allows us to experience it all again!

Come visit us soon at the Ridge History Park!


Our Visitor’s Center is available for your events!  Call for information and prices.  608-386-9013

Latest News:


Sunday, July 29 from 11-4!  Come enjoy live music by Adam Palm, food and treats, Farm Market, White Elephant, Bake Sale, Kite Flying and lots of Family Fun!  Register your vehicle between 9 and 11.  

Purchase a Dedicated Brick Paver for our Walkway!

Dedicate a brick for our walkway.  Honor your family, or someone else you care about and help out the Park with your brick!  $100 and $150 per brick (depending on brick size)  You may write a dedication with up to 5 lines with 10 or 15 characters per line (including spaces).  Please consider being a part of this exciting new project!


Alumni Reunion will be happening on September 15!

Help us contact as many school attendees as we can find.  More info to follow soon!  Check this space, or call 608-386-9013 for more information.

Thank you First National Bank of Bangor, among others,  for sponsoring this event!

Inside View of School House Visitor's Center Ridgefest and Antique Auto Show, July 2015 Modern View of School House Gas Station at Night
Visitor's Center Ridgefest and Antique Auto Show, July 2015 Gas Station at Night Modern View of School House Inside View of School House
Old photo of Little School
Old photo of Little School
Original Cavadini's Gas Station
Original Cavadini's Gas Station
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